[ISN] TDS to hold Controlled Penetration Demonstration

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun Feb 07 1999 - 14:51:32 PST

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    Media Invited to Observe Controlled Computer Hack at San Antonio Critical
    Information Protection Seminar 
    SAN ANTONIO (BUSINESS WIRE) - Trident Data Systems will perform a
    controlled computer hack Feb. 9 during a free seminar at the La Mansion
    del Rio Hotel, 112 College Street. 
    It will demonstrate how an inexperienced hacker is able to infiltrate and
    exploit a company's network. 
    The hack will take place at approximately 9:30 a.m., during a briefing by
    Trident security engineer Mike Hall. It will be performed on Trident's
    local San Antonio network. 
    The seminar itself, hosted by Trident and Nokia, will address the many
    facets of information and infrastructure protection, and features, along
    with the hack, a presentation by network security expert Ira Winkler. 
    Tuesday's event promises to provide an overview of information and
    infrastructure protection programs, including policy, technology,
    compliance and solutions. 
    Speakers will demonstrate cost-effective approaches to managing risk; 
    explain current approaches to security and integrated solutions; answer
    the questions of how to examine critical information security issues,
    identifying security weaknesses and applying security controls; and
    provide leading security products via live demonstrations. 
    The keynote speaker is Winkler, one of the foremost information security
    experts in the world. Winkler is a former adviser to the U.S. Joint Chiefs
    of Staff, the National Security Agency and National Computer Security
    He served on an advisory board to The President's Commission on Critical
    Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) and is president of the Internet
    Security Advisors Group. He is the author of two books, "Corporate
    Espionage" and the current best seller "Through the Eyes of the Enemy." He
    also writes the "Spy Files" column for ZDTV. 
    [agenda snipped]
    In addition, Trident offers "Through the Eyes of a Hacker," a free network
    vulnerability assessment. Winners drawn at the seminar will receive a
    complimentary, one-day network vulnerability assessment. 
    This non-destructive test provides executives with the information a
    hacker, competitor, industrial espionage agent, information broker, or
    other computer criminal would see during the first two phases of a network
    attack, namely Network Reconnaissance and Target Host Identification. 
    Partnering with telecommunications leader Nokia, Trident sent out
    invitations last month to professionals and executives in the information
    technology, financial, securities and commodities, public utilities, and
    petroleum industries. 
    Nokia offers a comprehensive line of products for Internet security
    applications. The Nokia IP400 Series is the industry's most powerful and
    flexible integrated router firewall product family. 
    Designed for the most stringent of Internet protocol service environments,
    the IP400 features "black box" deployment, interface diversity and enables
    fully redundant, hot-standby router firewall configurations that also
    support load-sharing. 
    For more information, page Trident's Michelle Ruffinen at 800/SKYTALK, pin
    1616492. La Mansion del Rio Hotel can be contacted at 210/224-9898. 
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