Re: [ISN] Network Turned Firewall

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 08 1999 - 19:20:13 PST

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    Reply From: Lawrence Hughes <Lawrence.Hughesat_private>
    Am I the only one that sees a serious flaw in this approach? With only
    seven centers (no matter HOW beefy they are), how are they going to handle
    the internet traffic of even a few really big customers, let alone enough
    to sustain a real service offering? I can see the a new game emerging,
    which is to guess exactly how minor an attack against a large number of
    their clients can redirect their traffic to these centers and saturate
    them... which results in either a denial of service or worse, a "failed
    open" situation, with the poor client left totally unprotected, as Pilot
    has told them they no longer need their firewall..... 
    >Network Turned Firewall
    >By Charles Babcock
    >February 3, 1999 10:14 AM ET
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