[ISN] The dark side of the digital home

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 17:36:52 PST

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    With all the new remote technology, you'll soon be able to turn on your
    heater, microwave and VCR before you leave work ... all from your desktop
    at the office. But what are the privacy implications and other unintended
    consequences of going digital? Will advertisers know when your Mr. Coffee
    begins to brew? 
    Do you worry that your digital home may invade your privacy?  Add your
    comments to the TalkBack. 
    Privacy concerns abound as homes generate more information and companies
    gain greater access. 
    Watching the watchers
    The beauty of a world without privacy 
    Author David Brin discusses why a lack of privacy won't be so bad. In
    fact, our future may be better without it.
    Is GPS tracking you?  GPS systems make it easier than ever to track fish,
    Fido -- and philandering spouses. 
    Digital snooping law ready to waken 
    CALEA would give law enforcement a back door into your phone.
    Home computing's five dirty secrets
    It's a great concept, home computing, says Jesse Berst -- but there are
    also substantial risks. 
    Europe's great expectation: Pints with privacy
    In Europe, and especially the UK, privacy is considered a basic human
    right, Matt Loney says. 
    Cable modem insecurity
    As cable modems become more available, Ira Winkler asks: What are the
    security risks? 
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