Re: [ISN] Hacker takes revenge on computer security expert

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 02:52:02 PST

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    Reply From: Will Spencer <will.spencerat_private>
    Actually Felix, you are not completely correct. 
    While the statement you take offense to is complete marketing drivel, your
    second claim is not correct. 
    Any of these firewall challenges is set up so as to be unwinnable.  The
    firewall is secured to the point that no useful traffic can get in or out. 
    You will never find a firewall this secure in a real world environment. 
    The challenges are marketing events with no technical value. 
    On the other hand, the real world financial databases that hold all sorts
    of data that can ruin your life are operated all day long by dim-witted
    civil servants who will do almost anything if you say the right thing to
    them over the telephone.  This sort of harassment by "hacking" does not
    even require a keyboard. 
    The Internet is not the greatest threat to information security; stupidity
    is the greatest threat to information security. 
    > Reply From: Felix von Leitner <>
    > > The Electronic Telegraph
    > > Monday 1 February 1999
    > > Hacker takes revenge on computer security expert
    > > By Robert Uhlig, Technology Correspondent
    > [Hacker cannot break into firewall of brand "XYZ", so he tempers with
    > financial records of firewall maker]
    > This is the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen, even on ISN.  Sorry,
    > guys, but this obvious advertisement is too much.  We have seen loads of
    > press releases and other non-content marketing drivel on this list, but
    > this is getting scary now.
    > Nobody will believe that someone who could not break through that firewall
    > can break into the financial records of some individual, which are not
    > physically connected to the internet.  This is markting drivel.
    > Please filter your list more in the future.  This is exactly the kind of
    > stuff that security people do _not_ need when they read their daily
    > security update.  If I want ads and spam, I can read Usenet.
    > Felix
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