[ISN] Taking Snapshots of Enterprise Security

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 22:09:57 PST

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    Taking Snapshots Of Enterprise Security
    Enforcing security policy across a distributed enterprise network can be a
    IT managers have to use a variety of tools and wade through reams of
    reports to determine if their companies' applications and systems conform
    to corporate security practices. 
    Axent Technologies Inc., however, is attempting to lighten IT managers'
    workload. The network security vendor unveiled today a new version of its
    Enterprise Security Manager software that lets security administrators
    check, manage and enforce security policies from a central console. 
    ESM 5.0's new console and advanced reporting features provide a snapshot
    of security levels across the enterprise in a single graph, said Mark
    Ungerman, ESM product manager. 
    For more detailed information, ESM users can "drill down to find reports"
    on specific systems or applications, said Tim Hahn, an information
    security specialist at a consumer electronics maker. 
    Using ESM, IT managers can identify and prevent users from having security
    privileges that exceed company security policy. In addition, ESM users can
    identify files that are not getting backed up or files whose attributes
    have been changed. 
    ESM is based on a manager/agent architecture in which software agents
    residing in servers and workstations gather pertinent data that is
    collected by the ESM console. A single console can collect data from and
    manage up to 10,000 software agents. 
    Having a more comprehensive view of security levels doesn't mean IT
    managers will suffer information overload, because ESM 5.0 has strong
    filtering capabilities. ESM 5.0 "has the ability to weed out the noise,"
    Hahn said. 
    ESM 5.0 also includes reporting templates designed for different audiences
    such as the Executive Report module, which provides a high-level overview
    of security compliance. Companies also can create their own customized
    reports. Reports also are available in HTML format so security reports can
    be posted on intranets or e-mailed directly to IT or senior management. 
    Available now, the ESM 5.0 Manager costs $1,995. Agents for servers cost
    $995 and $95 for workstations. 
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