[ISN] High-tech crime up 58% in Japan

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Feb 18 1999 - 16:47:08 PST

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    TOKYO (AP) [2.18.99] - Reflecting an increase in the number of personal
    computer users and the popularity of the Internet, high-technology crimes
    in Japan rose 58 percent last year, police said Thursday.
    The National Police Agency said there were 415 cases categorized as
    high-tech crimes in 1998, compared to 262 in 1997. Computer-related fraud
    included forging bank account data and reprogramming electromagnetic data.
    But actually breaking into a computer system is not a crime in Japan. 
    Hackers are virtually free to peep at sensitive data stored in Japanese
    mainframes unless they destroy or sell any of it.
    The National Police Agency is preparing a bill that will outlaw
    unauthorized access into computer systems. The agency is also trying to
    step up a computer training system for police. 
    There were 32 computer-related crimes reported in 1993, when the agency
    began taking statistics on high-tech crimes.
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