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Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 06:37:47 PST

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    original url: http://www.cfp99.org/
         [Circulate until March 15, 1999]
                Register now for the cyber event of the year:
             C                COMPUTERS, FREEDOM, AND PRIVACY
             F                      THE GLOBAL INTERNET
             9                         WASHINGTON, DC
             9                      Omni Shoreham Hotel
             .                        April 6-8, 1999
           For almost a decade, the conference on Computers, Freedom and
           Privacy has shaped the public debate on the future
           of privacy and freedom in the online world. Register now for the
           number one Internet policy conference. Join a diverse audience from
           government, industry, academics, the non-profit sector, the hacker
           community and the media. Enjoy the U.S. Capital in the Spring at one
           of Washington's premier hotels.
             *     Keynote speakers include Tim Berners-Lee (Director, World  Wide
                   Web Consortium), Vint Cerf (President, Internet Society),
                   Congressman Ed Markey (sponsor of "The Electronic Bill of
                   Rights Act"), Congressman Ron Paul (sponsor of the Freedom and
                   Privacy Restoration Act), Henrikas Yushkiavitshus (Associate
                   Director, UNESCO)
             *     Lively and thought-provoking panels on -- "the Creation of a
                   Global Surveillance Network," "Access and Equity on the Global
                   Internet," "Anonymity and Identity in Cyberspace," "Free
                   Speech and Cyber Censorship," "Is Escrow Dead? And what is
                   Wassenaar?", "Self-Regulation Reconsidered" and more
             *     Tutorials -- "The Electronic Communications Privacy Act" (Mark
                   Eckenwiler); "Cryptography: Basic Overview & Nontraditional
                   Uses" (Matt Blaze and Phil Zimmermann), "Free Speech, The
                   Constitution and Privacy in Cyberspace" (Mike Godwin),
                   "Techniques for Circumventing Internet Censorship" (Bennett
                   Haselton and Brian Ristuccia)
             Early Registration Deadline - March 15, 1999
           Register on-line at http://www.regmaster.com/cfp99.html or call +1 407
           628 3602.  Registration inquiries may also be sent to
                   - Mark the dates - April 6-8, 1999
                   - Note the place - Washington, DC
                   - Make your hotel reservations.
                   See you at CFP99.
           For more information about CFP99, visit http://www.cfp99.org/ or call
           +1 401 628 3186
                Sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery
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