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    Forwarded From: Vince Reed <vreedat_private>
    15th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
    December 6-10, 1999; Phoenix, Arizona
    Sponsored by the Applied Computer Security Associates (ACSA) in cooperation
    with the ACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control
               "Renowned Hacker Breaks Into Security Expert's Computer."
               "Teenage Boy Breaks Into Military Computer System."
    Familiar headlines? ... Unfortunately, they are all too familiar. Nearly
    everyone today is dependent upon computers for everything from electronic
    commerce to military command and control. The very technology that created
    this dependence is its greatest weakness: the infrastructure is
    fundamentally insecure to attacks from individuals, organizations, or
    nation-states that can easily deny service or compromise the integrity of
    information. This has left us extremely vulnerable to fraud, crime, and
    If you are developing practical solutions to problems relating to
    protecting your country's information infrastructure or a commercial
    enterprise, consider submitting a paper to the Annual Computer Security
    Applications Conference. This internationally recognized conference
    provides a forum for experts in information system security to exchange
    practical ideas about solving these critical problems. We are looking for
    papers, panels and tutorials that address:
          Internet security and electronic commerce technologies
          Health care privacy and security
          Crypto, key management, and digital signature applications
          Network management and smart card applications
          Mobile computing
          Law enforcement, legal, and ethical concerns
          Incident response planning - governmental and other perspectives
          Audit; audit reduction, and intrusion detection
          New paradigms for protecting electronic intellectual capital
          Securing very high-speed telecommunications (e.g., ATM)
          Defensive information warfare
          Software safety and program correctness
    The conference solicits papers, panels, case studies presentations, and
    tutorials that address practical approaches to solving these problems in
    both governmental (whether multi-national, national, or local) and
    commercial environments. Selected papers will be those that present
    examples of in-place or attempted solutions to real problems, lessons
    learned, original research analyses, and approaches to securing the
    information infrastructure.
    Panels of interest include those that present alternative/controversial
    viewpoints or those that encourage lively discussion of relevant issues.
    Panels that are collections of unrefereed papers will not be considered.
    Case studies presentations of interest should emphasize innovative product
    implementations, especially implementations involving the integration of
    multiple products. Case studies that simply describe product features will
    not be selected.
    Conference Papers will be judged for best paper awards. A prize will be
    given for Outstanding Conference Paper and the Best Student Paper. For the
    Best Student Paper, expenses to attend the conference will also be
    Instructions for All Types of Submissions:
    All papers, panel/forum proposals, case studies, and tutorial proposals
    must be received no later than May 28, 1999. Authors will be notified of
    acceptance by August 6, 1999. Camera-ready copies are due not later than
    September 24, 1999.
    Papers substantially identical to those that have been previously published
    or are under consideration for publication elsewhere should not be
    submitted. We provide for blind refereeing of papers and therefore we ask
    that you put author names and affiliations on a separate cover page only.
    If appropriate, this lead page should also indicate that a student is
    submitting the paper. Completed papers should be in Microsoft Word, html,
    rich text format (rtf) or ASCII text format. Word in uuencoded format is
    acceptable. Postscript is discouraged. Papers should not exceed 7500 words
    or 10 pages. Accepted papers will be published in the Conference
    Proceedings and electronically published on the ACSAC web site at:
    Send papers electronically to Program_chairat_private If electronic
    submission is not possible, please send a message to
    Program_chairat_private for further instructions.
    Panel/Forum proposals should be sent to Panel_chairat_private Proposals
    should be a maximum of 2 pages describing the panel theme and
    appropriateness for this conference. They should identify intended speakers
    or organizations to be represented and their respective viewpoints.
    Case studies should be sent to Case_studiesat_private Presentations by
    vendors, systems integrators and architects in both the private and public
    sectors are encouraged. Presentation proposals should include vendor
    solutions as well as an abstract that describes the product and example
    Tutorial proposals should be sent to Tutorial_chairat_private Proposals
    should consist of a one to two paragraph abstract of the tutorial, an
    outline of the material to be presented, and an indication of the desired
    tutorial length (full day or half day).
    Additional Instructions for Students:
    Student papers must be authored 100% by students; no faculty authors are
    permitted. On the author's page, please identify your paper as "Authored by
    Student." Send your e-mail submission to student_chairat_private to ensure
    that your paper is considered for the Best Student Paper Award. This award
    includes expenses for the student to travel to the conference and present
    the paper.
    ACSA, the conference sponsor, offers a conferenceship to enable students to
    attend the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference. The
    conferenceship will pay for the conference and tutorial expenses, including
    travel, for selected students. Additional information will be in the
    Advance Program or can be obtained by sending a message to
    ACSA had its genesis in the first Aerospace Computer Security Applications
    Conference in 1985. That conference was a success and evolved into the
    Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC). Several years ago
    the word "Aerospace" was dropped from the name to promote a wider range of
    government and commercial applications. ACSA was incorporated in 1987 as a
    non-profit association of computer security professionals who have a common
    goal of improving the understanding, theory, and practice of computer
    security. ACSA continues to be the primary sponsor of the annual
    In 1989, ACSA began the Distinguished Lecture Series at the annual
    conference. Each year, an outstanding computer security professional is
    invited to present a lecture of current topical interest to the security
    community. In 1991, ACSA began a Best Paper by a Student Award, presented
    at the Annual conference. This award is intended to encourage active
    student participation in the annual conference. The award winning student
    author receives an honorarium and all expenses to the conference.
    ACSA continues to be committed to serving the security community by finding
    additional approaches for encouraging and facilitating dialogue and
    technical interchange. ACSA is always interested in suggestions from
    interested professionals and computer security professional organizations
    on how to achieve these goals.
    To be added to the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference Mailing
    List, visit our World Wide Web site at http://www.acsac.org. This Call for
    Papers is also available at that site.
    The Conference Chair:
    Dee Akers
    The MITRE Corporation
    1820 Dolley Madison Boulevard
    Mail Stop CHAN
    McLean, VA 22102
    +1 703 808-1264
    ACSAC Conference Proceedings and Videos! A limited number of videos and
    proceedings from prior conferences can still be purchased. For further
    information, visit our web site.
    Vince Reed, CISSP
    Publicity Chair
    Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
    1500 Perimeter Pkwy., Suite 310, Huntsville, AL 35806-3578
    Phone: +1.256.890.3323, FAX: +1.256.830.2608
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