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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 13:37:24 PST

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                        The Black Hat Briefings '99
                        July 7 - 8th, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Computer Security Conference Announcement Computer Security Conference
    Description and Overview
    It's late. You're in the office alone, catching up on some system
    administration tasks.  Behind you, your network servers hum along quietly,
    reliably. Life is good. No one can get to your data or disrupt your WAN. 
    The network is secure. Or is it?
    While we could create more fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), we would
    rather announce The Black Hat Briefings '99 conference! The Black Hat
    Briefings conference series was created to provide in-depth information
    about current and potential threats against computer systems by the people
    who discover the threats. To do this, we assemble a group of vendor
    neutral security professionals and let them talk candidly about the
    security problems businesses face and the solutions they see to those
    problems.  No gimmicks, just straight talk by people who make it their
    business to explore the ever-changing security space.
    While many conferences focus on information and network security, only The
    Black Hat Briefings will put your managers, engineers, and software
    programmers face-to-face with today's cutting edge computer security
    experts and "underground" security specialists. New for 1999, there will
    be three tracks of speaking.  The "White Hat" track will inform your CEO
    or CIO with no-nonsense information about what issues to be aware of, and
    what they can ignore.  The two "Black Hat" tracks will provide your
    technical staff with nitty-gritty technical information about current and
    potential threats to your computer systems. 
    Only the Black Hat Briefings conference will provide your staff with the
    pragmatic tools and knowledge they need to help thwart those lurking in
    the shadows of your fire wall or the depths of your company's WAN. The
    reality is they are out there [back to the FUD]. The choice is yours--you
    can live in fear of them, or you can learn from people like them.
    Conference Overview
    Spanning two days with three separate tracks, The Black Hat Briefings will
    focus on the vital security issues facing organizations with large
    Enterprise networks and mixed network operating systems. Topics will
    Include Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Computer Forensics (CF)systems,
    Incident Response, Hostile Mobile Code, vulnerability analysis, secure
    programming techniques, tool selection for creating and effectively
    monitoring your networks, and management issues related to computer
    security.  You will be put face-to-face with the people developing the
    tools used by and against hackers.
    This year the Black Hat Briefings has grown to include a separate track
    specifically designed for the CEO and CIO. This third track, nick named
    the "White Hat" track, was developed by the National Computer Security
    Center (NCSC) of the National Security Agency. While the other tracks have
    a technology focus, this track is for people who have to manage an
    organization's security posture. What should you look for when hiring an
    outside security consultant? Should you even look outside your
    organization?  What are the potential security threats?  What should you
    do to reduce the risk of losses due to computer security incidents? The
    "White Hat" track will help you answer these questions. 
    The Black Hat Briefings has developed a reputation for lively and in-depth
    presentations and discussions between "underground" security celebrities,
    vendors, and attendees.  This year you can expect more visual
    demonstrations, more speakers who are authoritative in their fields, and,
    as always, an excellent time. 
    As an added bonus, people who attend The Black Hat Briefings get free
    admission to DEF CON 7.0, the largest Hacker convention in the US, held
    right after Black Hat in Las Vegas. For more information see the DEFCON
    web site at http://www.defcon.org/. 
    Current Speakers include the following.
    - Bruce Schneier, author of Blowfish, TwoFish and Applied Cryptography.
    - Marcus Ranum, CEO of Network Flight Recorder and designer of the first
      commercial fire wall.
    - Dominique Brezinski, Network Security Consultant.
    - Greg Hogland, Author of the Asmodeous NT scanner and the Web Trends
      security scanner.
    - Peter Stephenson, Principle consultant of the Intrusion Management
      and Forensics Group.
    - The Simple Nomad, of the Nomad Mobile Research Centre
    More speakers will be listed as the call for papers ends on March 15th.
    The Venetian Resort and Casino Las Vegas, NV
    Registration Costs 
    Registration costs are $995 US before June 14th 1998. 
    Late registration fees are $1,195 after June 14th. 
    You may cancel your registration before July 1st for a full refund. 
    This fee includes two days of speaking, materials, a reception, and meals. 
    To register, please visit http://www.blackhat.com/
    Secure Computing Corporation (http://www.securecomputing.com/)
    The National Computer Security Center (NCSC)
    Network Flight Recorder (http://www.nfr.com/)
    Counterpane Systems (http://www.counterpane.com/)
    Aventail (http://www.aventail.com/)
    More Information
    email: blackhatat_private with email questions
    or visit
    http://www.blackhat.com/ for the latest speakers and events listings.
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