[ISN] Pentagon probes computer hacking from Russia

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 21:10:03 PST

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    WASHINGTON (March 4, 1999 7:17 p.m. EST http://www.nandotimes.com) 
    The Pentagon has launched a probe of efforts by computer hackers based in
    Russia to access sensitive U.S. defense computers, ABC News reported
    The report noted past attempts by outsiders to breach the computers but
    said "this time the Pentagon believes there is something unusually serious
    going on." 
    Quoting unnamed sources, ABC said investigators had determined that the
    source of the hacking was Russia. They could not tell, however, if it was
    a government effort or was being carried out by "freelancers."
    "It is a major concern," U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said on
    the report.
    Investigators "do not believe that this is just the work of teenage
    hackers," ABC said, adding that they were now urgently investigating
    whether the hackers were being assisted by someone inside the Pentagon. 
    No classified computer systems at the Defense Department had yet been
    breached, the report said.
    U.S.. Rep. Curt Weldon told ABC that the hacking effort "could be a
    coordinated attack" on Pentagon computers aimed at acquiring classified
    U.S. defense data.
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