[ISN] 15 year old "Super Hacker" busted

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 13:34:15 PST

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    Super Hacker Apprehended
    A police spokesman announced Friday that officers had apprehended a super
    hacker who turned out to be a fifteen year old high school boy named Kim.
    To date 152 people have filed complaints about the 15 super viruses Kim
    created and e-mailed, but police expect the final figure to be over 2,000. 
    Kim told police that he mailed the viruses to demonstrate his talents and
    to find out if anyone could develop a 'vaccine' for them. The viruses were
    so complex that they were virtually impossible to kill. The spokesman said
    that Kim was known as a computer genius from the 7th grade, when he
    learned to handle the machine code language 'assembly 3'. one of just
    forty to fifty people in Korea with such a talent. 
    Yang Keun-won, head of the National Police Office's computer crime team
    commented that a virus creator and hacker like Kim could become a
    "national treasure" in the information society of the future. He added
    that he will guide Kim along the legal path of computer work. 
    (Park Joon-hyun, jhparkat_private)
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