[ISN] A Pretty Picture of Computer Security

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Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 02:08:05 PST

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    A Pretty Picture Of Computer Security
    By Mo Krochmal, TechWeb
    Mar 9, 1999 (3:21 PM)
    URL: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19990309S0028
    PassLogix, a New York City software start-up, said it hopes users will get
    the picture when it comes to network security. The three-year-old
    privately held company on Monday rolled out v-GO, an application that uses
    a graphical interface to manage passwords.
    Easily guessed and often hacked, passwords are widely regarded as the weak
    link in network security. All types of sophisticated identification
    schemes -- from retinal imaging to thumbprint scanning -- depend on a
    password for an added layer of security.
    v-GO lets users create and protect a universal password by navigating
    through an image. Entering a password is done by clicking on a series of
    items within that image. The company's demonstration used a kitchen
    metaphor, whereby a user takes a turkey and puts it in the oven, then dips
    the asparagus in water, and sets a timer to open an application. 
    "The idea is cute," Seamus McAteer, an analyst for Jupiter Communications
    in New York, said. "It's a new category."
    The v-GO software can store 128-bit encrypted regular IDs and passwords
    and then automatically log users into protected websites, applications,
    files, or services with the universal password. 
    The company is giving away a version for the consumer market but will
    eventually sell an extended version for corporate use at $40 to $60 per
    user, said Marc Boroditsky, PassLogix CEO.
    One analyst said the product takes 26 minutes to download using a 28.8
    modem and that might be a barrier to entering the consumer market.
    "That's a steep hill to climb," said McAteer of Jupiter. "But with a
    Disney branded interface, it could be something big for the kids' market."
    The software runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT, but the company plans to
    release versions for the Mac OS and popular handheld device Oses, such as
    Windows CE, Boroditsky said. 
    The company will also bundle in a tool that will let users build their own
    interface for advertising and marketing.
    "We want it to be as easy as picking a screensaver," said Boroditsky. 
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