[ISN] HTCIA 99 Conference

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Mar 11 1999 - 13:40:14 PST

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    High Technology Crime Investigation Association
    San Diego Chapter
    1999 HTCIA
    International Training Conference
    September 20-22, 1999
    Town & County Resort Hotel
    500 Hotel Circle North
    San Diego, CA. 92108
    Hotel Rate: $93/night (federal rate plus all taxes)
    For Hotel Reservations, call (619) 291-7131
                                   Training Conference Tuition:
    Members                                        Non-Members
        Before 06-11-99
    $300                                                $375
        After 06-11-99
    $400                                                $475
    Please direct inquiries to:  Griego & Associates
                                 P.O. Box 762
                                 Fair Oaks, CA 95628
                                 tel: (916) 726-2400
                                 fax: (916) 726-1869
    Computer Forensics for Microsoft Windows 95/98 -- Latest Procedures &
    Computer Security -- What should you spend your money on?
    Case Study: Kevin Mitnick
    Online Hacking Demo -- See a hack in action
    Current Federal & State High Tech Laws & Updates -- PPA, ECPA, Economic
    Espionage Act, State & Federal Laws
    Cable TV Fraud -- TV & Cable Internet Fraud Issues
    Identity Theft -- Trends & Current Issues
    Cellular Phone Cloning & Subscription Fraud
    Cyber-stalking -- What is it, federal & state law, how it is done, how
    to investigate it
    Computer Forensics Software -- Demonstrations of the latest software
    Computer Network Takedowns & Computer Raids -- LAN & PC Preparation &
    Counterfeit Microprocessor Chips -- Latest trends & hardware
    Data Encryption -- What is it? How can you attack it?
    Breakout Sessions (hands-on)
        Personal Computer & Macintosh Computer Forensics --
            Software, hardware & tools
        Credit Card Smart Cards -- Reprogramming & Fraud
        Internet Research Tools & Crimes
    ...and much, much more!
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    Today's ISN Sponsor: Internet Security Institute [www.isi-sec.com]

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