[ISN] Janet Reno launches anti-hacking initiative

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 1999 - 21:47:41 PST

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    From: William Knowles <erehwonat_private>
    Janet Reno launches anti-hacking initiative 
    WASHINGTON (March 15, 1999 4:36 p.m. EST http://www.nandotimes.com)  - A
    new public-private alliance to curb online crime will teach children "that
    hacking is the same as breaking and entering," Attorney General Janet Reno
    said Monday.
    Educating children about acceptable online behavior is among three
    initiatives under the Cybercitizen Partnership, an initiative of
    government and the high-tech industry to promote cyberspace ethics and
    help law enforcers track down online criminals.
    "All children know it's wrong to break into a neighbor's house or read
    your best friend's diary. Unfortunately, fewer realize that it's wrong to
    break into their neighbor's computers and snoop through their computer
    files," Reno said.
    The Cybercitizen Partnership also will feature a "personnel exchange
    program" between private business and federal agencies in which both will
    learn how the other responds to threats and crimes over the Internet.
    Companies can find out how best to help law-enforcement agencies, and
    government officials will learn what business interests and influences
    drive industry decisions. 
    The campaign also will create a directory of computer experts and computer
    security resources so that "law enforcement will know where to turn," Reno
    The partnership was announced, along with Reno's comments, during a
    high-tech industry summit sponsored by the Information Technology
    Association of America.
    "A decade ago, cybercrime and cyberterrorism didn't really exist outside
    of Hollywood movies. Today, they are very real threats,"  Reno said.
    "We cannot allow cyberspace to become the Wild West of the information
    Last week, a top Pentagon official warned members of the Senate Armed
    Services Committee about an electronic Pearl Harbor by cyberterrorists
    more likely to go after commercial targets than military ones.
    Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said he worries increasingly about the
    vulnerability of commercial and financial interests.
    "This Pearl Harbor's going to be different," he said March 9. "It's not
    going to be against Navy ships sitting in a Navy shipyard; it's going to
    be against commercial infrastructure, and we don't control that. And
    there's been little progress on that."
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