[ISN] I am an anti-semitic purveyor of smut? (rant)

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 17 1999 - 18:16:54 PST

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    [Moderator: I apologize for the offense one of the posts caused to a
     couple of you out there. Maybe I shouldn't have allowed it to go through,
     maybe I should have. Either way, that material IS covered under 1st
     ammendment free speech. This is an opt-in list though, and to date this
     has been the ONE and ONLY post that generated any such complaint. To 
     call ME an anti-semitic purveyor of smut over it is a pathetic 
     attempt to justify your own insecurity, nothing else. Sorry if you find
     THAT statement offensive.
     Let me clear up a few things. 1) This is not an enterprise. This is a 
     FREE *opt in* mail list. No one is forcing you to be here. I make
     NO money off this list. I run it in the spare time with the help of a
     couple of friends. 
     When someone writes to the list and their mail is distributed, it is
     THEIR opinion going out. You will notice I am very clear and leave
     their address in. I put "reply from" or "forwarded from" to distinguish
     if they wrote it or not.
     2. If anyone would like to take the time to inform my readers that I
     have become a purveyor of smut, feel free. Hell, here you go.. I am
     giving you a chance to reach ALL my readers by posting it to this list. 
     Since my membership list is not public, reaching all of them in any
     other fashion would only be achieved with illegal acts.
     3. Any more threats like this are a waste of my time. If you don't like
     the list, go away. End of story.]
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    From: deltaone <deltaoneat_private>
    To: mea culpa <jerichoat_private>
    Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 19:56:40 -0500
    Subject: RE: [ISN] Pentagon and hackers in 'cyberwar' 
    I think you have to take responsibility for allowing this sort of thing to
    be posted.  You have to make it clear to anyone posting material, that
    anti-semitic materials will not be allowed.  Similarly, any other kind of
    smut should not be allowed.  If you cannot operate in a responsible manner,
    then I question your whole enterprise and I will inform all your readers
    that you have become a purveyor of smut.
    Please advise me whether you will take reasonable steps to inform your
    readers about their obligations.
    Dr. Stephen D. Bryen
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    > Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 6:33 PM
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    > Subject: RE: [ISN] Pentagon and hackers in 'cyberwar'
    > > I received this purely anti-semitic material in my email.  It
    > > is disgusting.
    > It is the last in the thread first off, and second, they are the opinions
    > of the posting person, not necessarily the list or me.
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