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Date: Mon Mar 22 1999 - 22:01:17 PST

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                C  A  L  L       F  O  R       P  A  P  E  R  S
                              The Internet Society
               Year 2000 Network and Distributed System Security 
                             Symposium (NDSS 2000)
                 Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, California
                               February 2-4, 2000
      Paper and panel submissions due: June 16, 1999
      Author notification: August 17, 1999
      Final versions of papers and panels due: October 15, 1999
      This symposium aims to foster information exchange among researchers
      and practitioners of network and distributed system security
      services.  The intended audience includes those who are interested
      in practical aspects of network and distributed system security,
      with the focus on actual system design and implementation, rather
      than theory. A major goal of the symposium is to encourage and
      enable the Internet community to apply, deploy, and advance the
      state of available security technology.  The proceedings of the
      symposium will be published by the Internet Society.
      Submissions are solicited for, but are not limited to, the
      following topics:
      * Secure Electronic Commerce, e.g., payment, barter, EDI,
        notarization/timestamping, endorsement and licensing.
      * Intellectual Property Protection: protocols, schemas,
        implementations, metering, watermarking, other forms of rights
      * Implementation, deployment and management of network security
      * Integrating Security in Internet protocols: routing, naming,
        TCP/IP, multicast, network management, and, of course, the Web.
      * Attack-resistant protocols and services.
      * Special problems and case studies: e.g. interplay and tradeoffs
        between security and efficiency, usability, reliability and cost.
      * Security for collaborative applications and services: tele- and
        video-conferencing, groupwork, etc.
      * Fundamental services: authentication, data integrity,
        confidentiality, authorization, non-repudiation, and availability.
      * Supporting mechanisms and APIs: key management and certification,
        revocation, audit trails and accountability.
      * Integrating security services with system and application security
        facilities and protocols, e.g., message handling, file
        transport/access, directories, time synchronization, data base
        management, boot services, mobile computing.
      * Security for emerging technologies -- sensor networks, specialized
        testbeds, wireless/mobile (and ad hoc) networks, personal
        communication systems, and large heterogeneous distributed systems.
      * Intrusion Avoidance, Detection, and Response: systems, experiences
        and architectures
      * Network Perimeter Controls: firewalls, packet filters, application
      A best paper award will be introduced at NDSS 2000. This award will
      be presented at the symposium to the authors of the best paper to
      be selected by the program committee.
      Stephen Welke, Trusted Computer Solutions
      Gene Tsudik, USC / Information Sciences Institute
      Avi Rubin, AT&T Labs - Research
      Doug Maughan, NSA / DARPA
      Bill Cheswick, Lucent Bell Labs  
      Marc Dacier, IBM Research Zurich 
      Jim Ellis, CMU / CERT
      Carl Ellison, Intel   
      Ed Felten, Princeton  
      Virgil Gligor, UMD College Park 
      Thomas Hardjono, Bay Networks/Nortel
      Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School
      Charlie Kaufman,  Iris Associates
      Dave Kormann, AT&T Labs - Research 
      Hugo Krawczyk, Technion and IBM
      Carl Landwehr, Naval Research Lab
      Doug Maughan, NSA / DARPA   
      Gary McGraw, Reliable Software Technologies  
      Sandra Murphy, TIS Labs at Network Associates   
      Clifford Neuman, USC / Information Sciences Institute
      Paul Van Oorschot, Entrust
      Sami Saydjari, DARPA ISO 
      David Wagner, UC Berkeley   
      Bennet Yee, UC San Diego
      Thomas Hutton, San Diego Supercomputer Center
      John Kochmar, SEI
      David Balenson, TIS Labs at Network Associates   
      Carla Rosenfeld, Internet Society
      Beth Strait, Internet Society
      The committee invites both technical papers and panel proposals.
      Technical papers should be at most 20 pages long. Panel proposals
      should be at most two pages and should describe the topic, identify
      the panel chair, explain the format of the panel, and list three
      to four potential panelists.  Technical papers will appear in
      the proceedings. A description of each panel will appear in the
      proceedings, and may -- at the discretion of the panel chair --
      include written position statements from the panelists.
      Each submission must contain a separate title page with the type
      of submission (paper or panel), the title or topic, the names of
      the author(s), organizational affiliation(s), telephone and FAX
      numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, and must specify
      the contact author in case of multi-author submissions. The names
      of authors, affiliations, and other identifying information should
      appear only on the separate title page.
      Submissions must be received by June 16, 1999, and must be made
      via electronic mail in either PostScript or ASCII format.  If
      the committee is unable to print a PostScript submission, a
      hardcopy will be requested. Therefore, PostScript submissions
      must arrive well before the deadline.
      All submissions and program related correspondence (only) should
      be directed to the program chair:
            Gene Tsudik     
            USC Information Sciences Institute      
            4676 Admiralty Way      
            Marina Del Rey, CA 90292        
            Email: ndss00at_private
            TEL: +1 (310) 822-1511 ext 329
            FAX: +1 (310) 823-6714 
      Dates, final call for papers, advance program, and registration
      information will be available soon at the URL: httl//www.isoc.org/ndss2000.
      Each submission will be acknowledged by e-mail.  If acknowledgment
      is not received within seven days, please contact the program
      chair as indicated above.  Authors and panelists will be notified
      of acceptance by August 17, 1999.  Instructions for preparing
      camera-ready copy for the proceedings will be sent at that time.
      The camera-ready copy must be received by October 15, 1999.
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