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From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 02:06:58 PST

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    Forwarded From: William Knowles <erehwonat_private>
    [HSX.com] (3.30.99) The websites of two hot young actors were recently
    hacked. All right movie buffs, if you're fans of Ben Affleck (BAFFL) and
    Matt Damon (MDAMO), then you've probably visited their fan sites at
    www.ben-affleck.com and www.matt-damon.com, respectively.  These sites
    have the standard photographs of the bare-chested actors on their home
    page along with links to articles and stories about their upcoming and
    past projects.
    A few weekends ago, a computer geek with far too much time on his hands
    hacked into their sites and posted some lewd and crude commentary about
    Damon and Affleck's sexual preference. A rumor quickly spread throughout
    Hollywood that Affleck was indeed gay. By far the lighter of the two
    diatribes was posted on Damon's website. It read as follows: 
    "Hi, this is Matt Damon... My lover Ben and I would like to ask the entire
    homosexual community to support Kevin Mitnick and get him released from
    You might recall that Kevin Mitnick (www.kevinmitnick.com) was the famous
    hacker who eluded authorities for years and was finally caught a couple of
    years back.  After breaking into government computers, he has been held in
    a federal prison for four years without a trial.
    Now, the fan site hacker didn't stop there in his support of Mitnick and
    his prank on the two actors. On Affleck's site he posted a profane "quote"
    from the Forces of Nature (FORCS) star supposedly explaining why Matt
    convinced him to speak out on behalf of the jailed Mitnick.  Needless to
    say, the "reasons" were a tad too racy to reprint here.
    Obviously Affleck and Damon did not post such rantings themselves and they
    have had no official comment. As for the hackers, if they wanted to bring
    attention to the Mitnick case, they probably would have better served
    their role model with postings that didn't display their own sexual
    phobias. The fan site hacker(s) are still at large.
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