Re: [ISN] Infowar part of NATO arsenal?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Apr 01 1999 - 23:48:40 PST

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    Reply From: Screamin'Lord Byron <j0nesat_private>
    This article is poorly done, jericho.  The insinuations it makes are
    absurd.  The whole idea that "military technologists are using 'infowar'
    tactics borrowed from hackers to disrupt the Serbian telecommunications
    infrastructure" is *completely* wrong and unnecessarily self-aggrandizing. 
    It's media spin.  The concept of radar (*not* radio.  Lots of reasons why. 
    Because typical radio transmissions have a much longer wavelength and the
    antenna are more generally omnidirectional, this is not feasible.  You
    have to overpower the transmission source.)  jamming has been around for
    over 50 years. . .  The concept of the hacker, per media definition as
    such, is much, much younger.  WWII and the Cold War taught the US quite a
    Damn, I wish somebody would get it right.  The jist of the tactics is
    correct, and the analysis of the infrastructure, but the rest is just
    glorified bullshit.  And yeah, these "tactics" have been used for far
    longer than the average joe could imagine.  Provided I find more available
    free time, I plan to debunk this thoroughly.  It's the finding time thing
    in the end.  I've also visited the site and tried to submit a feedback to
    this.  The link ended up returning to the main page.  Broken. 
    If the author had even seen a few documentaries on the Learning Channel,
    Discovery, etc, or done some *basic* research into the history of modern
    warfare. . .  *spit* Amateurs. 
    The US can identify Soviet submarines down to an individual boat by their
    acoustic signature. . .  The sound of the screws turning in the water are
    unique.  Do you really think *all this other shit* has somehow escaped the
    collective intelligence of the military?  Ever heard of the "virus"
    infected into the Iraqi communications infrastructure through printer
    Jesus, I hate bottom feeders.  Disgusted. . . 
    >'Infowarfare' part of NATO arsenal?
    >By Maria Seminerio, ZDNN
    >March 25, 1999 3:36 PM PT
    >The barrage of cruise missiles raining down on Yugoslavia in the ongoing
    >NATO offensive is only the most visible element of the campaign. Behind
    >the scenes, military technologists are using 'infowar' tactics borrowed
    >from hackers to disrupt the Serbian telecommunications infrastructure. 
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