[ISN] Hackers Failing, NATO Says

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Apr 03 1999 - 10:37:34 PST

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    Paris, Friday, April 2, 1999
    Hackers Failing, NATO Says
    By John Schwartz (Washington Post Service)
    WASHINGTON - The digital harassment waged by Yugoslav hackers against NATO
    has not compromised any sensitive computer networks, alliance officials
    said, and the NATO web site appeared to be operating normally Thursday. 
    NATO acknowledged Web site problems Wednesday and described them as more
    of a nuisance than a real threat. ''We have been dealing with some hackers
    in Belgrade who have hacked into our Web site and caused line saturation
    of the server,'' said Jamie Shea, a NATO spokesman. 
    That means that rogue computer users are sending a lot of messages and
    computer commands into NATO's computers, said Carlo Tomad, a NATO network
    specialist in Brussels. 
    At no time, however, have sensitive computer networks been entered, and no
    files or programs have been corrupted, Mr. Tomad said. ''It's not hacking
    at all.''
    Yugoslav hackers have also sent at least a dozen computer viruses into
    NATO's networks, he said. 
    But the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's virus protection software
    caught the programs before they became a problem, and the system has not
    been compromised, Mr. Tomad said. NATO computer network specialists have
    been able to filter out messages from the offending computers and clean
    the viruses out of the network. ''It's not dangerous,'' he said. ''But
    it's really inconvenient.''
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