[ISN] Chris Wysopal, L0pht; Client Security in Digital Commerce

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Apr 12 1999 - 16:11:10 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Robert Hettinga <rahat_private>
              The Digital Commerce Society of Boston
                         Chris Wysopal
                     L0pht Heavy Industries
            Client Security: You've got armored trucks,
                 but what about the pick pockets?
                    Tuesday, April 6th, 1999
                           12 - 2 PM
               The Downtown Harvard Club of Boston
                  One Federal Street, Boston, MA
    Everyone in ecommerce these days is peddling better vaults for stores and
    stronger armored cars to deliver payments and merchandise. Does this
    really matter in an Internet world where you can pick the pocket of a
    consumer? Or more likely, to automate the pocket picking of a large number
    of consumers.
    Current authentication and purchasing systems rely on consumers using off
    the shelf operating systems such as windows 95/98.  This is the operating
    system which Microsoft has admitted to having no security model.  Current
    ecommerce client security is layering strong encryption on this bed of
    What are some of the attacks that are being used?  What technology can be
    used to overcome this problem?
    Chris Wysopal has a computer engineering degree from Rensselaer
    Polytechnic Institute, but almost all of what he knows about computer
    security he has learned from his exploration of computers as a hacker for
    the past 15 years.  As an associate of L0pht Heavy Industries he has
    worked to expose the "snake oil" in the computer security industry and
    tried to make the general public aware of the just how fragile the
    internet and security products are.  Last May he testified as a computer
    security expert before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committe and has
    appeared on several TV documentaries and news programs, including the BBC,
    CBC, ZDTV, FOX News, and The Jim Lehrer News Hour.
    This meeting of the Digital Commerce Society of Boston will be held on
    Tuesday, May 4, 1999, from 12pm - 2pm at the Downtown Branch of the
    Harvard Club of Boston, on One Federal Street. The price for lunch is
    $32.50. This price includes lunch, room rental, various A/V hardware, and
    the speakers' lunch.  The Harvard Club *does* have dress code:  jackets
    and ties for men (and no sneakers or jeans), and "appropriate business
    attire" (whatever that means), for women.  Fair warning:  since we
    purchase these luncheons in advance, we will be unable to refund the price
    of your lunch if the Club finds you in violation of the dress code.
    We need to receive a company check, or money order, (or, if we *really*
    know you, a personal check) payable to "The Harvard Club of Boston", by
    Saturday, May 1st, or you won't be on the list for lunch. Checks payable
    to anyone else but The Harvard Club of Boston will have to be sent back.
    Checks should be sent to Robert Hettinga, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston,
    Massachusetts, 02131. Again, they *must* be made payable to "The Harvard
    Club of Boston", in the amount of $32.50. Please include your e-mail
    address, so that we can send you a confirmation
    If anyone has questions, or has a problem with these arrangements (We've
    had to work with glacial A/P departments more than once, for instance),
    please let us know via e-mail, and we'll see if we can work something out. 
    Upcoming speakers for DCSB are:
    June    Ron Rivest     MIT       Deep Crack = MicroMint?
    July    TBA
    We are actively searching for future speakers.  If you are in Boston
    on the first Tuesday of the month, and you are a principal in digital
    commerce, and would like to make a presentation to the Society, please
    send e-mail to the DCSB Program Commmittee, care of Robert Hettinga,
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    We look forward to seeing you there!
    Robert Hettinga
    The Digital Commerce Society of Boston
    Robert A. Hettinga <mailto: rahat_private>
    Philodox Financial Technology Evangelism <http://www.philodox.com/>
    44 Farquhar Street, Boston, MA 02131 USA
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