[ISN] FBI Tries To Protect IT Systems From Intrusions

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Date: Fri Apr 16 1999 - 11:27:44 PDT

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    FBI Tries To Protect IT Systems From Intrusions
    The FBI is set to launch a national rollout of InfraGard, a partnership of
    businesses, the bureau, and its National Infrastructure Protection Center.
    The alliance is designed to protect IT systems from hacker attacks and
    other intrusions by providing a network for sharing information about
    attacks and how to thwart them. 
    InfraGard, which the FBI began as a pilot program in Cleveland in 1997,
    will initially be expanded to at least 15 major cities around the country
    -- including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles,
    Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington -- says Van
    Harp, the FBI's special agent in charge of the Cleveland division. Harp
    says representatives from the FBI's 15 largest field offices recently met
    to discuss the expansion.  He gave no specific timetable for the effort.
    InfraGard was formed as part of the federal government's effort to protect
    the nation's critical information systems. It's designed to ultimately
    serve as a national clearinghouse of information about security intrusions
    and vulnerabilities, and to offer tools to help detect and prevent
    Members are linked to each other and to the FBI by the bureau's secure
    "alert network," so companies can immediately and anonymously report
    incidents to government authorities and other members. The FBI provides
    encryption software developed by AT&T to protect information exchange
    among members. The National Infrastructure Protection Center will use data
    gathered from different InfraGard chapters to compile reports on
    nationwide security trends. The network will be expanded as the
    organization grows, Harp says. The FBI hopes the InfraGard program, which
    has already led to several computer-security criminal investigations, will
    lead to more reports of intrusions, he adds.  -- Bob Violino
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