[ISN] SpookTech 99 - The Digital Detective Workshop

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 12:46:10 PDT

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    >From Spyking's newsletter...
    SpookTech 99 - The Digital Detective Workshop
    It's that time again... The 3rd Annual SpookTech Conference...
    This years theme is "The Digital Detective"...
    Digital Evidence Acquisition tools & techniques will be demonstrated
    in this "hands-on" computer investigations training seminar...
    What we'll cover: 
    Types of Computer Crime
    Cyber Law Basics
    How to Bypass Passwords
    How to Crack Encrypted Files
    How to Trace the Source of E-Mail
    How to Track a Suspect Online
    How to Track Online Activity
    How to Track Software Piracy
    How to Match a Diskette to a PC
    How to Recover Deleted Data
    Data Hiding Techniques
    Text Search Techniques
    Finding Disguised and Hidden Images
    How to Find Unique Identifiers in Documents 
    How to Remotely Monitor a Target PC
    How to Find Clandestine Web Sites
    Social Engineering in Chat Rooms
    Types of Investigative Software 
    Actual "Hands-On" Demonstrations of the latest
    High-Tech Evidence Gathering Software
    If you are in the business, you'll be amazed at some
    of the products we'll showcase...
    If you're interested in speaking or exhibiting your products
    let me know...
    Much more to be added...
    Don't Miss SpookTech 99 - The Digital Detective Workshop!
    June 1999 New York
    Each Participant will receive a CD-ROM with a demonstration copy
    of all software and PowerPoint presentations used during the seminar. 
    Each Participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance
    Checkout: <http://www.codexdatasystems.com/ddw.html>
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