[ISN] NSA Taps Universities For Info Security Studies

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri May 21 1999 - 00:13:40 PDT

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    NSA Taps Universities For Info Security Studies 
    The National Security Agency has designated seven U.S. universities as
    centers for information-security education, the agency said Tuesday. The
    NSA, a super-secret spy agency that wields broad power over U.S.
    encryption policy, named two private Virginia universities and a handful
    of state universities as Centers of Academic Excellence in Information
    Assurance Education. They are:  James Madison University, George Mason
    University, Idaho State University, Iowa State University, Purdue
    University, University of California at Davis, and the University of
    Idaho.The centers are expected to become "focal points for recruiting, and
    may create a climate to encourage independent research in information
    assurance," the NSA said.The agency said the decision to launch the
    information-assurance program represented an attempt to reach out and form
    partnerships with industry pursuant to a Clinton administration directive
    last year on critical infrastructure protection.The seven centers will be
    formally recognized during a conference on information-security systems
    scheduled for May 25 to 29 at IBM's conference facility in Palisades, N.Y.
    <http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19990512S0005 >
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