[ISN] LCI Intros SMARTpen Biometric Signature Authentication

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Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 00:22:36 PDT

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    LCI Intros SMARTpen Biometric Signature Authentication
    By Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes.
    LCI Technology has taken the wraps off its SMARTpen biometric signature
    authentication system. The SMARTpen is billed as the world's first
    wireless signature device and the only biometric unit of its type that
    writes on normal paper.Sam Asseer, the firm's chairman, said that the unit
    was designed for high-end security transactions. It is, he explained, a
    wireless embedded computer system that looks and writes like a common
    ballpoint pen. 
    In use, the SMARTpen uses built-in sensors that enable the authentication
    of users through the biometric characteristics of their signatures on
    regular paper. 
    "Electronic commerce is rapidly becoming the way the world does business,"
    he said, adding that the surge in online transactions over the past two
    years and the predictions for explosive growth going into the year 2000
    suggests that the future of e-commerce is unlimited. 
    "But, as the number of Internet transactions increases, there is an even
    greater demand for security to ensure confidentiality and prevent fraud.
    Biometric authentication systems like the LCI SMARTpen help create the
    secure environment necessary for the continued expansion of global
    e-commerce," he said. 
    According to the firm, the SMARTpen measures individual signature
    characteristics, encrypts the data and transmits it via radio frequency to
    a computer, where LCI software compares it to a template for verification
    - all in about three seconds. 
    The firm claims that the dynamics of signatures as measured by the
    SMARTpen are personal and not directly visible from the written image. 
    This, the firm says, makes it virtually impossible for forged signatures
    to get through the SMARTpen system. The system works with standard APIs
    (application programming interfaces) and the false rejection/false
    acceptance rate can be adjusted by system parameters, so adding
    Pricing on the SMARTpen is expected to range from $100 to $250, depending
    on the model and configuration of the product. 
    According to LCI, the price includes the pen and software components.  The
    SMARTpen also has integral sensors, a mouse, a digital signal processor,
    radio transmitter and receiver, and encryption system. 
    LCI's Web site is at http://www.smartpen.net . 
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