[ISN] Hack attack knocks out FBI site

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 00:12:45 PDT

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    Hack attack knocks out FBI site
    FBI cracks down on hacker group -- then fbi.gov is knocked offline by hack
    By Bob Sullivan and Brock Meeks, MSNBC
    May 26, 1999 6:44 PM PT 
    A skirmish between the FBI and a well-known hacker group seemingly erupted
    Not long after federal agents served search warrants on members of hacker
    group Global Hell (gH), probably in connection with recent attacks on U.S. 
    government computers, the FBI's own Web site was attacked and is currently
    Earlier on Wednesday, MSNBC was told by a member of gH that the FBI had
    served search warrants on several members of the hacker group. Last week,
    gH member Eric Burns (who also goes by the name Zyklon), was arrested in
    connection with three separate attacks on U.S. government computers,
    including systems at the U.S. Information Agency. 
    A hacker identifying himself as "Most Hated," the founder of gH, told
    MSNBC he was raided by agents at about 6 a.m. Wednesday morning in what he
    described as a "a huge hacker crackdown." 
    He said he knows of nine people who were raided by government officials --
    including four in Houston, three in California and one in Seattle. None
    was arrested, but all had computer equipment confiscated, he said. 
    Late Wednesday, www.fbi.gov stopped working. 
    Credit claimed for hack
    According to the Web site www.antionline.com, an individual calling
    himself Israeli Ghost was taking credit for the attack on the FBI's
    The FBI was not immediately available to comment. 
    "FBI WILL NOT {expletive deleted} WITH MY FRIENDS FROM GLOBAL HELL," the
    hacker allegedly wrote in an e-mail to Antionline. 
    Other members of the hacking community, contacted by MSNBC, said the FBI
    site was hit by what's called a denial of service attack. In such an
    attack, the host computer is not actually controlled by an outsider;
    rather, outsiders bombard a Web site with so many simultaneous hits that
    it becomes overwhelmed and can no longer function.
    Most Hated said he didn't know who was responsible for the DOS attack.  He
    said the FBI agents who raided him said the raid was in connection with
    "illegal telecom activity," which he believes is related to fraudulent
    teleconferences he set up. 
    White House hack connection
    "The FBI told me that they were looking into illegal telecom activity," 
    Most Hated told MSNBC. "The FBI said some company lost $250,000." 
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