[ISN] Feds Fend Off HACK3RZ

From: cult hero (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sun May 30 1999 - 02:33:38 PDT

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    Feds Fend Off HACK3RZ 
    You might want to resend any e-mails you fired off to the FBI or the U.S.
    Senate yesterday. Hackers shut down both Web sites in a two-for-one attack
    that online media outlets dug right into.
    News.com reported that the attackers' intent was to crash the FBI site,
    not intrude into its files. Are the perps international spies? Perhaps
    double agents? International anarchists? Most likely they're adolescents
    not old enough to drive, Alan Paller, director of research for the SANS
    (System Administration, Networking and Security) Institute told News.com's
    Paul Festa.
    ZDNet scored with colorful details that indicate Paller might be right. It
    ran with the story and reported that the Senate Web site, too, had been
    downed Thursday evening. But the level of threat appears more comic book
    than spy thriller, according to ZDNN reporter Joel Deane. Fbi.gov had been
    hacked by a group called Global Hell, and the nefarious culprits behind
    the Senate attack call themselves MAST3RZ 0F D0WNL0ADING, or M0D to their
    friends. Turns out M0D taunted the feds with the message they left
    plastered on senate.gov: "FBI vs. M0D in '99, BR1NG IT 0N!" ZDNet got into
    the story, going so far as to mirror the M0D hack and engage the
    assistance of CyberCrime's Luke Reiter.
    Hackers Deface Senate, Challenge FBI
    No Security Lapse in FBI Hack Attack
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