[ISN] Scriptkiddies, China and U.S.

From: Cancer Omega (comegaat_private)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 12:08:15 PDT

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    This is a bit more based in reality than Washington Post writer Ariana
    Eunjung Cha's "Chinese Suspected of Hacking U.S. Sites" hype-tripe.
    Thursday, 12 April 2001 17:18 (ET)
    China sites hacked by "kiddie" over crisis
    By CHARLES CHOI, UPI Science Writer
    An online vandal or "cracker" who threatened to assault Chinese Web
    servers in retaliation for China's detention of 24 American airmen may not
    be as capable or as politically-motivated as he wanted to appear.
    The vandal, known as pr0phet, threatened a large-scale attack as
    retribution for the international crisis that began 11 days ago, April 1,
    when a U.S. spy plane was forced to land in Hainan Island.
    "This will be my first serious set of defacements -- and will be in regard
    to China acting completely ignorant and outlandish," pr0phet wrote on the
    Chinese website www.yancheng.cngb.com . "Now I will proceed to own ten
    times over what I have previously -- and destroy anything I find --
    because Im (sic) ignorant and outlandish too."
    The vandal also urged all defacers to target China and "reek (sic) hell on
    their servers." However, later that same day, pr0phet backed down after
    hearing China would release the U.S. airmen.
    "I guess doing a bunch of sites is out. sigh," pr0phet wrote on the
    website www.cn-abc.com . "Now that im (sic) in china though -- maybe Ill
    (sic) just do alot (sic) as a smack on the hand. silly china."
    Pr0phet's claimed his attack on Chinese websites was prompted by the
    recent emergency. But according to Internet sites that monitor Web site
    defacements he had, in fact, routinely defaced dozens of Chinese and
    Korean websites in the past with vulgar animations and profanity that did
    not claim any political motivation. Instead, he said, he defaced the sites
    because they were "small subdomains no one cares about."
    Security experts felt the threat was little more than hot air from a
    "script kiddie," slang for an online vandal who has to depend on hacking
    programs developed by others. Online vandals are commonly known as
    hackers, although within the computer community they are more accurately
    called "crackers."
    "The script-kiddies have an affinity for, pardon the term,
    'cyber-saber-rattling,'" said senior security consultant Jay Dyson at
    OneSecure in Denver, Colo. "Little, if anything, ever comes of it.
    Besides, knocking over most any system located along the Pacific Rim is
    child's play.  Successfully attacking a Chinese system on the Internet is
    the technological equivalent of stealing candy from a baby."
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