[ISN] Accubyte leaves customer credit card details exposed

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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 22:52:34 PDT

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    By: John Leyden
    Posted: 17/04/2001 at 17:57 GMT
    Customers of computer components supplier Accubyte have been
    encouraged to check their credit card records for fraudulent misuse
    after it admitted that its previously lax security left confidential
    information exposed.
    The problem came to light after an email sent to what is said to be
    250 Accubyte customers was forwarded to The Register.
    According to the email, poor programming involving the site's shopping
    cart software resulted in an email confirmation of orders - which
    contained credit card information, names and addresses - to be
    transmitted over the Internet in a clear text message.
    This left confidential information exposed, and the sender of the
    warning email claims to have broken into an email account where he
    recovered "a file listing of all of our names, home address, phone
    numbers, email and credit card details".
    After becoming a victim of fraud, he decided to send a warning to
    others using the email list he obtained from the account
    A sales rep for Illinois-based Accubyte confirmed that there was a
    security issue with the confirmation email it sent out following
    orders, which he said contained order and "credit card details".
    He said the system was changed three weeks ago so that customers would
    be asked to log into a server to receive order confirmations - which
    he stated meant the site was now fully secure.
    When we asked him how many Accubyte customers were affected by the
    earlier problem, how many people had complained or what the site was
    doing to address any fraud that might have been committed he became
    increasingly keen to get off the phone.
    We hope his advice that Accubyte customers' should "call their credit
    card firm and dispute any charges they think are fraudulent", is not
    the official line.
    The hardware retailer should be doing rather more than this to help
    its customers. Incidentally, Accubyte's motto is: "If we don't take
    care of you, someone else will!" Quite.
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