[ISN] 2001 FIRST Conference - Reminder

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Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 13:04:04 PDT

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    Forwarded by: Roger Safian <r-safianat_private>
    Just wanted to drop a quick line to remind you that there is less than
    three weeks left to register for the 13th Annual FIRST conference at
    the early registration rate.  Early registration will get you a
    significant discount, so it is in your best interest to register
    In addition, registrations are currently ahead of last years record
    breaking numbers.  Last year, we had to cut off registrations to
    prevent the facility from being over crowded.  Registering early will
    ensure you have a reserved space at the conference.
    Please feel free to contact the logistics committee with any questions
    or concerns.  Their address is first-2001at_private
    Complete details of the conference are available on the conference web
    site at <http://www.first.org/conference/2001/>
    Roger A. Safian
    r-safianat_private (email) finger rogerat_private for public key
    (847) 491-4058   (voice)
    (847) 467-5690   (Fax) "You're never too old to have a great childhood!"
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