[ISN] USAF Airman Arrested for Illegal Hacking

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 03:58:28 PDT

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    The National Police Agency's Cyber Terror Countermeasure Center, along
    with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation
    (OSI), said Thursday that they were questioning a 24-year-old airman
    first class of the USAF at Osan Air Base on charges of hacking into
    the Internet homepages of 113 Korean sites, including education
    institutes and venture companies.
    The police stated the airman used a computer at his office or at the
    house of his Korean girlfriend to break into Korean sites. Most
    recently he allegedly got into the server of an elementary school in
    Namhae, Gyeongnam Province from his office desktop on April 13. He is
    charged with deleting the school's home page, replacing it with
    abusive words in English and leaving a backdoor.
    The NPA said the airman did not hack into the sites of major Korean
    government organizations, but that he could conduct a simultaneous
    Denial Of Service (DOS) attack on specific home pages using the
    backdoors he had built. The police is taking into notice the fact that
    the airman hacked into 35 venture companies and is investigating
    whether he came into possession of any classified company information.
    Police isaid revealed the airman, identified only as "R," has been a
    member of an international hacking organization, WHP (We Hate People),
    since October 1999 and reported his hacking achievements whenever he
    The police arrested airman R red-handed, while he was hacking at his
    girlfriend's house in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province Monday afternoon
    but transfered custody to the US Military's OSI, according to the
    regulations of the Korea-US Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). This is
    the first time a US serviceman has been found hacking a Korean
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