Re: [ISN] Staff oblivious to computer security threats

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Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 18:24:40 PDT

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    Oh how true it is.
    You should see all the post it notes of user names and passwords
    posted on some of the desks in our office. Phone numbers of remote
    dialups and RAS servers with user names and passwords....and you
    wonder why most computer theft and fraud comes from within the
    Just my two cents.
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    > Wed, 02 May 2001 15:02:06 GMT
    > Will Knight
    > Users still leave passwords on their desks, survey finds
    > The single biggest cause of network security breaches is not
    > software bugs and unknown network vulnerabilities but user
    > stupidity, according to a survey published by computer consultancy
    > firm @Stake.
    > The security research company, which is best known for uncovering
    > bugs in operating systems and network software, says that, despite
    > the ever risk of computer fraud, many corporate computer users
    > leave passwords on post-it notes, fail to change passwords from
    > the default and incorrectly configure hardware.
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