[ISN] Three Lucent Scientists Arrested

From: Marjorie Simmons (lawyerat_private)
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 12:39:09 PDT

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    US Arrests Three Chinese Nationals, Says They
    Stole Technology From Lucent
    May 3, 2001 Wall Street Journal
    Ted Bridis <ted.bridisat_private> Staff Reporter
    WASHINGTON -- Federal authorities arrested three Chinese nationals in
    New Jersey on Thursday and accused them of stealing Internet technology
    worth "hundreds of millions" of dollars from Lucent Technologies Inc.
    and sending it back to China.
    The three people arrested, whose names weren't immediately released,
    include two current Lucent employees, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott
    Christie said. Each faces one count of conspiring to commit wire fraud,
    and a court hearing was scheduled in Newark, N.J., later in the day.
    The three allegedly stole from Lucent hardware and software that made up
    its "PathStar" server technology, which handles transmission of voice
    traffic over Internet networks. They are accused of forming their own
    company, ComTriad Technologies, and entering into a joint venture with
    Datang Telecomm Technology Co. in China, which is majority-owned by the
    Chinese government.
    Mr. Christie said Datang invested at least $1.2 million in the joint
    venture, and in exchange the three posted the source code for PathStar
    on a password-protected Web site hosted in Chicago, where authorities
    believe Datang retrieved it. "Most if not all of the source code has
    been transferred to China," Mr. Christie said.
    Both the Lucent employees worked on the PathStar project as senior
    software developers, Mr. Christie said. All three were arrested early
    Thursday, two at their homes and one at work.
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