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Date: Mon May 14 2001 - 13:35:43 PDT

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    BY Christopher J. Dorobek 
    The FBI is conducting an overview of its computer security policies
    and practices in the wake of spying accusations against Robert
    Hanssen, according to a senior FBI information technology official.
    The FBI is conducting a review of its security practices in parallel
    to the one being conducted by former FBI Director William Webster,
    said Mark Tanner, the FBIs information resources manager.
    Although there is no indication that Hanssen took advantages of holes
    in IT security policies or procedures, the review is part of an
    overall effort to enhance security at the bureau, Tanner said Thursday
    at Federal Sources Inc.s annual Outlook conference.
    "We just want to make sure that we dont have vulnerabilities that we
    really cannot afford to have exploited," he said.
    Hanssen, 56, a veteran FBI counterintelligence agent, was arrested in
    February. He is accused of spying for the Russians for 15 years. FBI
    Director Louis Freeh has appointed Webster to lead a commission that
    will make recommendations about what steps the FBI should take to
    prevent similar incidents.
    The case presents a good opportunity to review security policies,
    procedures and practices. Tanner noted that Hanssen had a high degree
    of access to FBI systems because he had a high-level clearance.
    FBI will likely implement new tools to improve internal security,
    Tanner said. Funds for those efforts are not included in the fiscal
    2002 budget, he noted.
    Turner made his comments before the Justice Department announced it
    had failed to account for more than 3,000 documents related to the
    Oklahoma City bombing. Published reports have blamed the FBIs
    antiquated computer systems.
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