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Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 03:14:57 PDT

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    BY Diane Frank 
    The National Institute of Standards and Technology next month will
    begin reviewing agency security programs and practices as part of an
    initiative started by the Clinton administration.
    The NIST Computer Security Expert Assist Team (CSEAT) is a group
    established to help agencies comply with Presidential Decision
    Directive 63, the May 1998 order requiring agencies to protect the
    systems that support the nations critical infrastructure. Such systems
    include essential services like the power grid and the National
    Airspace System.
    The Clinton administration first proposed the team, a group of federal
    security experts, in 1999, but the full request came in the first
    version of the National Plan for Information Systems Protection,
    released in January 2000. The Bush administration is now working with
    industry to develop the second version of the plan.
    The team will help agencies identify and fix security vulnerabilities
    in their systems, and prepare for future threats. The CSEAT also will
    promote the sharing of best practices among agencies and between the
    public and private sectors.
    NIST received only part of this years funding from Congress, but the
    team is in place and the first step will be conducting reviews
    requested by agencies about their organization, policies,
    methodologies and personnel. The team also will conduct reviews
    requested by the Office of Management and Budget about agencies
    existing and planned information technology systems.
    The reviews are expected to start in June, and NIST has developed a
    system to prioritize requests according to their importance in the
    critical infrastructure protection effort.
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