[ISN] IT consultant denies 25million pound Web site blackmail

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Thu May 17 2001 - 18:33:38 PDT

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    By: Kieren McCarthy
    Posted: 17/05/2001 at 15:24 GMT
    IT consultant Graham Browne is to be tried at the Old Bailey in
    September for attempting to blackmail an unidentified financial
    institution for 25 million over weak security, Private Eye reports.
    Browne denies an alleged threat to compromise the security of
    Barclays' Barclaycard operation. The blackmail demands were made
    between March and September last year. Barclays' online banking
    service - the largest in Britain - was cracked in July last year and
    collapsed again in February this year.
    Customers account details were accessible through the site before the
    plug was pulled. The bank claimed that no one was able to carry out
    any fraudulent transactions. But then it would say that. The security
    threat was thought to be so serious that eight million credit cards
    would have to be recalled.
    Mr Browne, 57, pleaded not guilty to a hearing at the Old Bailey at
    the start of this month.
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