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    From: "Gary L. Jackson" <GARY.L.JACKSONat_private>
    Bruce's remarks prompt me to tell you about a brochure I did for the
    Joint Staff in the Pentagon:
    Information Assurance Through Defense in Depth
    You can find it at 
    One of the key points is that we need to continue to find ways to
    fight back, just as those who built and improved medieval castle
    defenses created ways to fight back.  I quote from the brochure and
    put in bold the key phrase:
    "The dynamically evolving defenses of the medieval castle offer a
    valuable analogy
    In that violent age, castles offered secure bases for armed forces to
    control key terrain. In response to changing threats, they evolved
    from simple to complex and very strong fortifications, following two
    principles: (1) increase and strengthen the defensive barriers, and
    (2) provide means to fight back actively. Castles on strong
    foundations, often on higher ground, employed successive barriers such
    as water obstacles, ditches, rings of strong and high walls with
    overhangs, and towers. Improvements to the walls allowed defenders to
    engage the attacker, and multiple gates enabled local counterattacks
    and raids. A small force could hold out against a much larger
    adversary. Just as the castle protected critical resources, now we
    must defend our vital military information and actively fight back
    with appropriate responses."
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