[ISN] ASP security and dispute resolution guidelines released

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Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 00:25:28 PDT

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    May 18, 2001 
    New global procedures for improved security and efficient dispute
    resolution for application service providers (ASPs) were announced
    today to help solidify the future of the emerging industry.
    After a year's work, the Wakefield, Mass.-based ASP Industry
    Consortium (ASPIC) and the World Intellectual Property Organization
    (WIPO) today released final recommendations and guidelines that will
    be used by WIPO's Arbitration and Mediation Center to resolve disputes
    between ASPs and their customers on a worldwide basis.
    WIPO is a Geneva-based United Nations agency specializing in
    intellectual property matters. In addition to its work with the ASP
    consortium, WIPO is one of the four organizations that resolves
    domain-name disputes under deals with the Internet Corporation for
    Assigned Names and Numbers.
    Jim O'Reilly, an ASPIC spokesman, said the new rules and procedures
    are needed because ASP vendors and their customers can be located in
    different countries, making fair dispute resolution procedures much
    more difficult because of differing laws and customs.
    A key to the guidelines will be the dispute avoidance recommendations
    that are built into them, he said. Those recommendations are aimed at
    helping to keep problems from escalating into full-blown disputes.
    Traver Gruen-Kennedy, chairman of ASPIC, said in a statement that
    "cyberspace has no borders, yet the world still operates under a
    system of cultural and historic borders, meaning a process is required
    to address business disputes that may occur in a cross-border
    Meredith Whalen, an analyst at market-research firm IDC in Framingham,
    Mass., said the guidelines target "some of the challenges that the
    [ASP] market has," including concerns from users about the security of
    their data when their applications are hosted by an outside company.
    "ASPs have been trying to instill confidence in their customers,"
    Whalen said. The new guidelines could help make users "more confident
    about buying the service" and in turn lead to increased growth in the
    ASP industry, she added.
    The global dispute avoidance and resolution guidelines are available
    on the Web sites of both groups, which announced the project a year
    ago. An early version of the rules and guidelines was released in
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