[ISN] AntiVirus Information Exchange Network Expands

From: Robert Vibert (rvat_private)
Date: Mon May 21 2001 - 05:46:30 PDT

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    The AntiVirus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN), home to the 
    discussions of members representing more than 2 million PCs in 
    more than 150 countries, has announced that it will create a new 
    mailing list for smaller organizations.
    Currently, membership in AVIEN is limited to those who work with 
    more than 1500 PCs and the discussions revolve around enterprise 
    level issues with malware, and anti-malware solutions.
    Since its inception, AVIEN has received requests for exceptions to 
    the membership rules from those who work with fewer machines. 
    These requests have come from those who wish to have access to 
    the valuable information exchanged by AVIEN members.
    "For us, investing in AVIEN and the EWS was a very sound 
    business decision. For less than $100, we increased our bottom 
    line by thousands of dollars. Avoiding just one virus outbreak clean-
    up operation more than compensates for the minimal investment." 
    said Joe Broyles, Computer Maintenance Supervisor at the York 
    County School Division and an AVIEN Founding Member.
    In response to these requests, AVIEN is pleased to announce that 
    effective immediately, all members of the AVIEN Early Warning 
    System (EWS) will also have access to a new mailing list for 
    discussion of malware issues. This new list will be in addition to 
    the Virus Discussion list they already access as part of their EWS 
    membership, and will not be limited to the topic of viruses. It is 
    expected that this new list will include discussions on malware 
    prevention, tools, strategies for saving money while effectively 
    fighting malware, etc., as has been the case of the main AVIEN 
    mailing lists.
    "The goal of AVIEN has always been to take the issues 
    surrounding malware to those affected by it, and not just the 
    companies selling solutions." said Robert Vibert, Moderator of 
    AVIEN. "This new mailing list will appeal to all those who find it a 
    challenge to obtain unbiased information in a friendly environment." 
    One of the key features of this new list will the strict no-flame rule. 
    Many public mailing lists and newsgroups suffer from flames (nasty 
    comments about others) and other abusive input. AVIEN has a policy 
    of expelling any member who engages in un-professional behaviour. 
    The result is an environment where anyone is able to ask any 
    question without worrying that someone will call them incompetent or 
    More information on AVIEN and its mailing lists can be obtained 
    from the AVIEN web site: http://www.avien.org
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