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Date: Tue May 22 2001 - 23:47:07 PDT

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    BY George I. Seffers 
    The U.S. Air Force for the first time has co-located special agents
    with a major command in an effort to defend military Web sites against
    hacker attacks.
    Two cybercrime agents from the Air Force Office of Special
    Investigations (AFOSI) are now co-located at the Air Force Materiel
    Commands Network Operation and Security Center at Wright-Patterson Air
    Force Base, Ohio. The Air Force is considering co-locating agents with
    other organizations with high-value networks, officials said.
    The Materiel Command owns five Web sites among the Defense Departments
    most frequently scanned or probed networks by cyberintruders seeking
    illegal access. The sites are targets because of a heavy focus on
    technology research.
    For instance, the Air Force Research Laboratory, which falls under the
    Materiel Command, develops technology for information warfare tools,
    air and space vehicles, sensors and munitions.
    "The bad guys are really after the information in the minds of our
    scientists or in our networks, and those are the two fronts were
    trying to protect," said Lt. Col. Dennis Keith, vice commander of
    AFOSIs region one, which supports the Materiel Command.
    The idea is to prevent network intrusions, identify potential threats
    and offer an extra layer of protection to critical research networks,
    said special agent Zachary Smith and others.
    "We have a wider window on what may be the adversary threat to our
    information resources," said Mel Clime, an AFOSI counterintelligence
    program manager. The special agents "have got their finger on the
    pulse of whats going on at the time instead of coming in after the
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