[ISN] EPRI Initiative Helps Address Electronic Security Risks

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Date: Thu May 31 2001 - 00:07:13 PDT

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    Palo Alto, Calif., -- May 30, 2001 -- At the push of a button
    competitive rivals, disgruntled employees, or cyber terrorists could
    access and disrupt the intricate electronic systems that support
    today's internet-based economy. With current hacking tools, these
    intruders are able to expose the vulnerability of commercial and
    industrial business operations. The Electric Power Research Institute
    (EPRI) is addressing these issues with the Enterprise Infrastructure
    Security Initiative (EIS). The initiative is designed to support
    energy industry efforts to anticipate and manage the business risks
    associated with critical infrastructure protection worldwide.
    "The operating systems used in industry were not designed with
    electric security in mind, which exposes them to the dangers of
    deliberate tampering," said Joe Weiss, EIS Technical Manager. "EIS is
    working with operations and security organizations both inside and
    outside the electric power industry to better understand system
    Launched in 2000, EIS focuses on operation systems such as Supervisory
    Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and Plant Distributed
    Control Systems (DCS) and their inter-connectivity with corporate
    business systems, offering members directed, collaborative sharing of
    technical information.
    "No single person or organization has all the answers," said Jim
    Fortune, Manager of EPRI's EIS program. "We must collaborate with
    stakeholders in the energy industry, federal government, and private
    sector to protect the nation's critical electricity infrastructure."
    A special workshop for members of the EPRI EIS program will be held
    June 6-7, 2001 at the Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.
    Participants will get better insight into the vulnerabilities and what
    can be done to insure the safety of SCADA and DCS systems. The
    workshop also features "how to" sessions on intrusion detection and
    risk assessment, and provides updates on current government-sponsored
    and private sector critical infrastructure protection initiatives and
    activities. For information, contact Joe Weiss at 650-855-2751 or
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