[ISN] Dual Tactics Adopted to Ensure Information Security in China

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Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 19:16:11 PDT

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    June 06, 2001
    Bai Yi, director of China National Laboratory of Computer Network and
    Information Security, said on June 5 that China should develop its own
    information industry on the one hand and stipulate strict regulations
    on management and prevention on the other in order to strengthen the
    management of information security.
    He noted that as some key technologies for the Chinese computers are
    imported, and so in many aspects we have to rely on other countries
    and the United State, a superpower in information, is trying to
    monopolize the information industry in the world. In such a serious
    situation as we are confronting, it's necessary for China to adopt the
    dual tactics at the same time.
    The expert says, China should develop its own information industry to
    gradually take the place of imported products with homemade ones, such
    as the operating system, router and chip. He also reminded that this
    can be carried out step by step as time goes on for it takes time for
    domestic products to rise in the competition and replace the imported
    products, and surely this can't be accomplished at a go.
    Moreover, before the Chinese information industry is capable to
    compete that of developed countries, China should lay stresses on
    countermeasures of rules and regulations and the network. security as
    well. So far, China has done quite a lot to tighten regulations, offer
    technological support to ensure the network and information security.
    He also indicated that the management is the most serious hidden
    trouble for the information security. Taking the hacker battle online
    between China and the US of last month for example, though only simple
    methods were resorted to by the US hackers, that could be fully warded
    off with the present technology, yet quite a few Chinese webs were
    still attacked. It is the neglect in management to blame.
    By PD Online staff member Deng Gang
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