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Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 22:57:50 PDT

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    By Mary Mosquera
    InternetWeek Jun 12, 2001
    Businesses spend very little on information security now but will
    dramatically increase that over the next 10 years, research group
    Gartner Inc. said Monday. Information security outlays will accelerate
    as companies intensify their Internet presence and at the same time
    experience more Internet-based breaches.
    Only 0.4 percent of a company's revenue, on average, is dedicated to
    information security in the United States. By 2011, however, that
    figure will accelerate tenfold to 4 percent of revenue for U.S.
    companies, according to Gartner's Total Cost of Ownership Model for
    Information Security.
    "Enterprises will save a lot of money and headaches if they address
    their total security plans now," said Roberta Witty, Gartner research
    Gartner's models map the numerous components that comprise the cost of
    purchasing, owning and operating technology over the course of several
    years or over the life of the technology. Information security
    expenditures include costs for people, hardware, software, external
    services and physical security for all information security activities
    within an enterprise.
    "While e-mail viruses and international espionage steal the media
    limelight, the palette of security issues spans every business
    process, application and desktop," Witty said. Responsible security
    practices begin with business planning and carry through to the
    technology purchasing, implementation and improvement stages, she
    said. "After all, there's no sense investing in locks if you've built
    your house out of paper,'' Witty said.
    By 2004, 80 percent of enterprises will be using the Internet as an
    integral part of their business processes. Half will experience a
    financially significant loss due to Internet-borne incidents by that
    time, Gartner said.
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