[ISN] Industry Criticizes Internet Security Plans

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Date: Tue Jun 12 2001 - 22:48:51 PDT

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    12. Juni 2001
    HB/jrr BERLIN. Internet companies on Tuesday levelled strong criticism
    at Economics Minister Werner Mller's Internet security plans, saying
    that electronic service and networks providers would become burdened
    with added costs running into billions.
    Speaking in Berlin as part of a key-note discussion of the
    "Partnerschaft sichere Internet-Wirtschaft" (partnership for secure
    Internet business), Mller called for improvements in Internet
    security. "Attacks on the Internet, companies and private users damage
    confidence in ecommerce," said Mller.
    Mller, who chaired the discussion attended by more than 50
    representatives from business associations and companies, put his
    ministry's plans for a new telecoms surveillance ordinance (TKV) on
    ice at the meeting following strong criticism about costs, which
    Internet companies said would run into billions.
    The minister said that he would examine the cost implications of his
    civil servants' proposals, adding that he was "not tied" to the
    Jrgen Grtzner, chairman of the Association of the Providers of
    Telecommunications and ValueAdded Services (VATM), said the planned
    Internet security measures would cause both companies and citizens
    considerable problems. The massive increase in the monitoring of email
    and data transfer planned would actually be counterproductive to the
    goal of increasing confidence in ecommerce, claimed Grtzner.
    Digital signature provider Signpost, a subsidiary of German postal
    service provider Deutsche Post, calculates that Internet security
    problems cause businesses to lose around DM5 billion annually. But a
    spokesman for the federal office for security in informations
    technology told news agency Reuters that he estimated damages caused
    by Internet fraud at just a three-digit million sum.
    In a separate development, DASIT Datenschutz in Telediensten (data
    protection in telecom services), a research project supported by the
    Ministry of Economics and Technology, has developed prototype software
    which will enable consumers to make anonymous purchases via the
    Internet. The B2C business-to-consumer software , which was developed
    in partnership with IBM Deutschland Informationssysteme GmbH, has been
    undergoing field trials since May.
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