Re: [ISN] Pentagon Reverses Order to Destroy Old Hard Drives

From: nemoat_private
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 12:58:34 PDT

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    Seems some 15-20 years ago I heard about some companies (in the Orlando
    area) that could recover overwritten data on mag tapes up to around 10
    generations back, if I recall correctly.  There was also a scandal about
    that time due to the salvaging of a potload of mag tapes with sensitive
    data on them from weapon test telemetry, if memory serves me well.  I
    suspect but do not know for sure that the same kind of techniques that
    were used on the mag tapes (something like a very high-resolution and
    oversampled read of the magnetic domains that was then used to reconstruct
    the contribution of each previous write up to whatever the resolution
    permitted) could be used on disks....
    So do your overwrites a bunch of times, compadres.
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