Re: [ISN] Security geek developing WinXP raw socket exploit

From: security curmudgeon (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed Jun 13 2001 - 23:42:46 PDT

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    > >Unfortunately, not enough of the right people are listening to him
    > >with the proper degree of attentiveness. So he's decided to show the
    > >bastards: Gibson is developing a free tool which he calls
    > >'Spoofarino'.
    > Of course, with a name like 'Spoofarino,' one might be tempted to
    > speculate that perhaps Mr. Gibson isn't entirely serious about this
    > crusade... 
    > Caveat lector, in any case. 
    > Robert G. Ferrell, CISSP
    I wonder if this will enjoy more success than his previous project of
    "nanoprobes". I could only find one post in my spools about it even though
    I remember more at the time.
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    I can accross a scanner today on the net which I think is a joke, or ar at
    least I *hope* it's a joke, I laughed like hell either way. I thought I
    would share it with you folks:
    NanoProbe Network Scanner Advanced Technology Remote Internet Security
    Some of the choicer descriptions are:
    "Our NanoProbes are tiny, hand crafted, intention-directed packets
    consisting of just 224, 320 or 352 binary bits: "
    "Their reception may stimulate a programmed response from the probe
    target, causing it to launch its own packets back to us. This is by
    "Highly specialized hand crafted NanoProbes such as we require are not
    found wandering around in the typical computer.
    "This means that our similar-function NanoProbe is less than HALF the size
    and is therefore able to move through a bandwidth-constrained network,
    like the Internet, at more than twice the temporal density of "regular",
    similar function packets."
    "this data consruct will silently direct itself to the intended targets at
    a temporal density relative to the current qmail instruction computational
    rate vector"
    This guy is either very, very, funny or in desperate need of some meds...
    Alfred Huger
    VP of Engineering
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