[ISN] Vigilinx Adds Five Execs From Rival Company

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Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 23:50:19 PDT

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    By Tony Kontzer 
    Jun 13, 2001 
    Vigilinx Inc. continues to build steam in a down market. Amid
    struggles throughout managed security, the startup has added a small
    army of sales and marketing execs formerly employed by competitors.
    Joining Vigilinx are senior VP of sales Herb Jones, former CEO of Alta
    Analytics; VP of marketing David Puzas, who formerly held the same
    position at METASeS; and three VPs of sales--John Kolesar, former
    director of sales at Counterpane Internet Security; Thomas Lyden,
    former director sales at Canadian firm Jawz; and Holly Thillet, former
    national director of strategic sellers for Internet Security Services.
    Vigilinx CEO Bruce Murphy, who headed up PricewaterhouseCoopers' North
    American security practice before founding Vigilinx, says the
    migration of executives demonstrates a belief in the company's
    strategy, staff, and client base.
    Hurwitz Group analyst Pete Lindstrom describes the snatching up of so
    much experience as a "show of strength" in an industry that's
    consolidating. "Darwin is having a field day in the managed-services
    space," says Lindstrom. Given that environment, he says, Vigilinx and
    other managed-security companies have to demonstrate to potential
    clients that they're around for the long haul. To that end, Murphy
    says will continue looking for experienced recruits and acquisition
    Vigilinx launched in January with the acquisition of security
    consultancy IF SEC, followed by the acquisition of security
    intelligence firm LogiKeep a month later.
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