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From: Luqman Mahmud (Lmahmudat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 07:24:07 PDT

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    Actually, to sniff IR transmissions, all you need is line of sight.  The CIA
    banned PDA devices with IR ports from being brought into the Agency for this
    very reason.
    Luqman Mahmud
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    > By Robert Blincoe
    > Posted: 15/06/2001 at 13:45 GMT
    > Wireless keyboards are insecure and hackers can sniff-out every
    > password you type on them.
    > This is the verdict of a warning posted on Bugtraq by German security
    > outfit Daten-Treuhand. The company has tested Logitech's Cordless
    > Desktop product and outlined how a hacker could intercept a users'
    > keystrokes.
    > You connect your cordless keyboard to your PC by first pressing a
    > connect-button on the receiver, and then another button on the
    > keyboard. A fixed set of transmit-codes are sent between the receiver
    > and the keyboard until the receiver locks in on the first undistorted
    > code it gets. Keystoke data is then transmitted between the two via
    > RF.
    > The problem arises because each transmitter/receiver pair does not
    > appear to be hard-coded to match each other, according to Axel Hammer
    > of Daten-Treuhand. "They simply seem to run out of the fab and the
    > customer connects them the first time he is using the set, according
    > to the manual. This leaves the crucial backdoor to connect whatever
    > device you have to whatever receiver you have," he wrote in his alert.
    > "The receiver waits for 30 minutes after initialising a connect for
    > new devices to sync to them, even if there has been an undistorted
    > reception of at least one sync-code. An attacker is able to sniff the
    > connect-sequence of a victim's device from far and to lock-in to the
    > code of the victim's devices or to take control of a victim's device."
    > Hammer says that it is possible for the victim and the attacker to
    > read the keystrokes without the victim noticing the attack. And to
    > sniff a connection of wireless devices, all you need is a receiver
    > from the same manufacturer, same model, and by slight modifications it
    > is possible, to extend the range of the receiver to about 30m.
    > Daten-Treuhand recommends using infra-red devices if you have to go
    > wireless.
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