[ISN] How the FBI Investigates Computer Crime

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Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 18:10:39 PDT

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    CERT Coordination Center
    How the FBI Investigates Computer Crime
    This guide provides information about the federal investigative and
    prosecutive process for computer related crimes. It will help you
    understand some of the guidelines, policies, and resources used by the
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) when it investigates computer
    The FBI has implemented various technical programs to address the
    growing complexity of computer investigations. FBI legal attach
    stationed in 41 countries enable the FBI to use sophisticated methods
    to investigate and coordinate cyber incidents around the world. In
    Washington, DC, the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)
    is a special unit that coordinates computer crimes investigations
    throughout the United States. The FBI trains and certifies computer
    forensic examiners for each of the 56 FBI field offices in the United
    States to recover and preserve digital evidence. The FBI maintains a
    computer forensic laboratory in Washington, DC for advanced data
    recovery and for research and development.
    This guide provides information to victims of computer crimes who may
    be considering reporting an incident or requesting FBI assistance.
    This guide is for general reference use only and is not intended to
    address every possible scenario. We encourage you to contact your
    local FBI office if you have additional questions.
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