Re: [ISN] Windows 2000 Security Recommendation Guides

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Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 19:21:06 PDT

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    Forwarded by: "John P. Andreadis" <jandreadisat_private>
    It seems the NSA site below is down.  Does anyone know of a mirror
    site or other location of the below files?
    [WK/ISN Note: Cryptome has archived the NSA Windows 2000 Security
    Guides at - ]
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    Subject: [ISN] Windows 2000 Security Recommendation Guides
    Download Page
    Release 1, June 2001
    Windows 2000 ".inf" Files
    The following files are the Security Configuration Templates for the
    Security Configuration Editor and are provided in ASCII Text format.
    IMPORTANT: Please read our Legal Notice before using these templates.
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