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    I don't think this guy knows how US Government systems work!
    I, too, work for a US Government agency as a contractor and the
    situations described by the anonymous DoD person are representative of
    monitoring of USG networks for waste, fraud, and abuse.  Both of these
    occurrences could be discovered through the use of a firewall.  All of
    our internal networks that touch the internet are protected by
    firewalls, which also monitor traffic coming in and out to ensure that
    it is for official USG use.  They can even monitor down to the
    keystroke level, if they want to.  I'm aware of this monitoring
    because my system tells me so when I log in:  "This is a US Government
    system and is subject to monitoring.  Use of system constitutes
    consent to be monitored. Unauthorized use may subject you to
    administrative, criminal, or other action."
    I understand why I'm monitored at work because it is not my personal
    workstation or network (even though my taxes paid for it).  However,
    at home, I can assume some level of privacy because I can't believe
    that the US Government has enough resources to monitor ALL email
    EVERYWHERE!  We have a hard time monitoring our users on an enterprise
    network, let alone millions of users sending billions of emails!
    I just think this Navy guy is all wet!!!
    Allen Gresick
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    The fact that Government computers can track everything you do is
    *absolutely* no joke. I work for the United States Navy, and a friend
    of mine was sending email to an old flame using excite web-based
    email. Well, about twenty minutes later, his fiance comes in and
    throws the same email he wrote in his face.
    It was a big reminder to me that Uncle Sam watches and monitors
    *everything* - remotely too - even web based email services, etc.
    Another case that was similar - a supervisor was repremanded for
    sending encrypted email out of Navy computers. Guess he pissed off the
    IT's (whom they affectionatly call themselves the 'Gate Keepers').
    Anyway, just some food for thought.
    - Anonymous
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    Subject: [ISN] WWW.huh?: You Are the First Line of Defense
    > By Steve Hara
    > American Forces Press Service
    > WASHINGTON, June 25, 2001 -- Defense Department computer security
    > systems and specialists foiled nearly 22,500 would-be intruders in
    > 1999 and 24,500 in 2000. There's no let-up in sight.
    > Special agent Jim Christy said he and others on his law enforcement
    > staff are in a "growth business" chasing hackers and spies and running
    > other criminal activities to ground. As representatives of the Office
    > of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control,
    > Communications and Intelligence, they also counsel DoD employees on
    > being an effective first line of defense instead of the weakest link.
    > When he discusses computer security, Christy said, he drives home that
    > average folks aren't expected to mount an ironclad defense. Rather, he
    > stressed, they can do simple things that make life harder for bad guys
    > -- and stop doing simple things that make life easy for them.
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